Is JINPAT Slip Ring Important For UAV?

July 26, 2017
Latest company news about Is JINPAT Slip Ring Important For UAV?

Unmanned Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Market will have a new opportunity to develop rapidly in the coming years. Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is far more than aerial photography, and it’s also applied in forest fire prevention, earthquake survey, nuclear radiation detection, border patrol and so on.


LPS separate slip ring consists of rotor and contact brush. Rotor is with through bore that can be applied in hydraulic channel, gas-liquid channel or fitting rotary axis, which coordinate well with the limited space and installing requirements in customer’s system. Pin replaces wires that allow high current transmission, and JINPAT can customize all various analogous separate slip ring for you according to your specific requirements.


UAV industry always use JINPAT separate slip rings with 12 circuits, and its parameters are as below:


1 Circuits: 12 circuits

2 Working Speed: 0-100rpm

3 Working Temperature: -20℃~ +60℃

4 Working Humanity: 60%RH or higher

5 Voltage Rating: 240VAC/240VDC

6 Current Rating: 1~3A

7 Insulation Resistance: 1000M

8 Contact Material: Gold-Gold


If you have any requirement in slip rings, please contact our engineers at any time, so that we can recommend or customize suitable types for you.

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