Differences Between LPC And LPT

August 1, 2017
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The rated current of LPC is 2A max per circuit, the quality of the signal transmission will be affected if the current is too high.Capsule slip ring has low cost due to mass production and standardized production.it has limitations in the field of waterproof and dust proof. Generally speaking, when the RH is relatively high, capsule sling ring cannot be used, also it cannot be used in some special fields like explosion proof,dust proof,etc.


While there are very few standardized through-bore slip rings,most are custom-made. Through-hole slip rings can be made according to customers’ special needs.both the cost and price of through-bore slip rings are much higher than capsule slip rings.The housing material of through-hole slip ring is Aluminum alloy, so ageing,cracking and deformation are not easy to happen,it has advantages in a lot of bad ennvironments.


Typical Application of LPT


1.Military equipment

2.Medical treatment equipment

3.Wind power generator equipment

4.Producing and controlling equipment

5.Exhibiting/displayibg equipment


7.Magnetic driver, turn table type sensor

8.Engineering machine,test instrument,packing machine,and so on


Typical application of LPC



2.Electrical testing equipment

3.Military rotary table


5.Medical equipment

6.Rotating platform

7.Displaying and demonstrating equipment

instrumrnts and meters

8.LED industry