The Application of Slip Rings in Radar

August 8, 2017
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Radar is an object-detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, angle,or velocity of objects, mainly used in military field.there are two coordinates among three that the radar measures directly related to the performance of the antenna,therefore, the antenna performance is more important for radar equipment than for other electronic devices.with the continuous improvement of modern science and technology, radar technology has a higher request of transmission frequency between the stationary part and rotary part.Slip ring is a critical component of radar antenna which enables a continuous connection of electric energy and signal between the stationary part and rotary part of radar. The high frequency slip ring that JINPAT Electronics study and produce is designed specifically for high frequency signal transmission, up to 2 GHZ.

The main purpose of radar antenna is to receive and send data, it’s usually placed outdoors and directly influenced by wind, snow, dust,solar radiation and salt mist and so on, which leads to performance degradation and loss of life, thus radome is extremely important for radar antenna.

Radome can protect antenna from the influence of bad environment,reduce the antenna wear, corrosion and aging, which ensures the stability and reliability of the antenna and prolongs the working life.

So radar antenna slip ring is requested to have characteristics like, durable in harsh environment transferring large volume data and signals without leaks and electromagnetic interference, having Ultra low attenuation loss and ultra low transmission fluctuation.Because of the high maintenance cost of radar slip ring, so requirements like long service life, free of maintenance or lubricating oil etc. must be achieved when designing radar antenna slip ring.

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