The Application of Jinpat Slip Ring in Medical Equipment

August 15, 2017
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Medical equipment is an important symbol of modernization level.At present,the development of clinical discipline depends on, to a great extent, the development of instruments, even play a decisive role.Therefore ,the medical equipment has become an important field of modern medical care.


Operation shadowless lamp,CT machine,MRI etc are all very important instruments belonging to medical equipment.We all know operation shadowless lamp certainly can't be fixed,nowadays we all use manipulator operating astral lamp which can rotate freely without restriction.The operation shadowless lamp needs 360° free rotation and we need an accessory which can rotate 360° freely to cooperate with it's running .Application of conductive slip ring in some medical equipment is so important that it not only plays a very important role but also become an indispensable part .


At the same time medical equipment has a very strict requirement on slip ring, JINPAT has 20 years experience in slip ring manufacturing. Our factory covers an area of 7000 square
meters with professional R&D team, advanced production equipment and skillful 300 employees. JINPAT slip ring is one of the best-known brands in the Europe and North America.It has rich technologically advanced equipment with high precision test instruments. Our manpower is so competent that we can meet all kinds of specifications with ensured durable and reliable quality.