JINPAT Carbon Brush Slip Rings

January 20, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Carbon Brush Slip Rings

Carbon brush slip rings is one type of the slip rings family. The carbon brush slip ring is known for its large current capacity, long service life and easy maintenance. Among the JINPAT slip rings, most of the slip rings whose single channel capacity is above 50A generally take up the carbon brush structure. They are also named JINPAT large current slip rings, coded LPA series, or JINPAT high power slip rings. So aside from the LPA series, is there any other JINPAT slip ring that takes up carbon brush structure? The answer is yes, and there are a few. JINPAT separate slip rings the LPS series and JINPAT through hole slip rings the LPT series are good examples.


Different from JINAPT large current slip rings the LPA series, JINPAT separate slip rings and through hole slip rings have a relatively small power capacity. Here, the latter two series would be classified into the small current carbon brush slip rings. First, let’s take a look at the slip ring models from the LPS series. LPS450-0320-02S is a typical slip ring model that does not take up the LPS standard wire brush, instead, it adopts carbon brush. Having to integrate power channels and thermocouple signal channels, LPS450-0320-02S also varies in its carbon brush. For the signal loop part, the silver content of the sliver graphite slip ring is over 50% while the copper content of the copper graphite brush is over 90%.


The two carbon brush types are for different purposes. The silver graphite carbon brush is for signal transmission while the copper carbon brush for power transmission. There are 16 pulse signal channels in the separate slip ring LPS11-16S so they all adopt silver graphite carbon brush. From the case of the LPS series, silver graphite carbon brush can be adopted to transmit thermocouple signals and impulse signals. This carbon brush can also be used to transmit other simple signals like digital signals and analog signals.


As for the JINPAT through hole slip rings LPT series, part of the slip ring models take up carbon brush structure. Aside from slip rings that transmit large current above 50A, there are some small current slip ring model. JINPAT through hole slip ring LPT020-0316-02S is a typical small current slip ring model that also adopt silver graphite carbon brush and copper graphite carbon brush to realize signal and power transmission. Compared with LPS separate slip ring series, LPT020-0316-02S has advantages for its whole-sealing and therefore can better adapt to severe environments. LPT020-0316-02S with IP64, its rotating speed is 500rpm with a life span of over a hundred million.

The small current carbon brush slip ring is designed to extend service life of the slip ring product as well as support high speed rotation. As an experienced slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT slip ring is excellent in providing slip ring with different features and for specific purpose. Contact JINPAT to find out the best slip ring design for your application!