JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Rings for Pipeline Inspection Robots

January 22, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Rings for Pipeline Inspection Robots

JINPAT is an established and credible slip ring manufacturer. Within the years, JINPAT has developed various types of slip rings that serve different applications and platform. And according to the features or purpose of a certain application, JINPAT develops slip rings that can match up their requirements. JINPAT super miniature slip ring LPMS series is especially designed for small applications.

Today, we are going to take a look at the application of JINPAT super miniature slip rings on the pipeline inspection robots. Nowadays, pipeline inspection robots are used to take place of human inspection. Compared with human inspection, inspection robots are more adaptable to the limited space in the pipe. Having a relatively small volume, pipeline inspection robots can easily go through the pipes and find out what and where the problems is. To allow the camera on the pipeline robots to rotate in a 360-degree while ensuring fluent data and power transmission, the slip ring is an indispensable component. JINPAT super miniature slip rings have very compact size that can perfectly fit in the small-size pipe line inspection robots. Take JINPAT LPMS-08A for example, it is a super miniature slip ring with a diameter of only 8mm and a total length of 11.2mm. Adopting gold-to-gold contact, this miniature slip ring excels in electrical performance. JINPAT LPMS-08A integrates signal channels and current channels. This hybrid transmission realizes the manipulation of the camera angle while allowing the video signal to go back to the processor.

Aside from the LPMS-08A super miniature slip ring, JINPAT also has many other successful slip ring solutions for pipeline inspection robots. As for inspection robots of other type, especially those with high demand in high definition video signals, JINPAT suggesting adopting a hybrid optoelectric slip ring where fiber optic is used to guarantee the high quality data transmission. If you have any other specific demand, you can consult our technology team to work out the best solution!


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