JINPAT Latest Slip Ring Models

January 25, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Latest Slip Ring Models

Aside from the off-the-shelf slip ring models, JINPAT has never stop the pace of developing new slip ring models. Lately, there are several newly developed slip ring models that have been put into mass production. JINPAT has devoted in improving the fiber optic rotary joints. Starting from the relative simple model, the single mode fiber optic rotary joint with single channel, JINPAT overcame plenty difficulties and finally achieved technical breakthrough. Today, JINPAT is able to produce fiber optic slip ring with 12 channels.


JINPAT fiber optic rotary joint with 7 channels has been put into mass production. This slip ring model can be applied to the optical fiber transmission system independently. The fiber optic rotary joint can also be integrated with electrical slip ring to conduct power and signal transmission.


By far, JINPAT is experienced and technically equipped to produce fiber optic rotary joint with 7 channels. In term of fiber optic rotary joint models with 7~12 channels, JINPAT are running tests and optimizations on them. It is believed that these fiber optic rotary joint will soon hit the production line.


JINPAT Fiber Optic Rotary Joint LPFO-07N-A


Aside from research fiber optic rotary joints, JINPAT Electronics is also good at making hybrid slip rings. One of the JINPAT latest’s hybrid slip rings is the hydraulic pneumatic power integrated transmission slip ring.


This hybrid conductive slip ring is coded. It consists of two part, the power transmission unit and the hydraulic pneumatic transmission unit. There are 18 20A current channels and 2 liquid channels. SPT000-1820-02L hybrid slip ring works at 230V with IP65. Vertical installation with stator side facing up and rotor side facing down is a must. The liquid/hydraulic unit is at the bottom part since it has a larger load to bear while the power unit is at the upper part of the slip ring.

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