The Structure of the Slip Ring Matters

January 27, 2021
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Tools have to take up scientific structure to optimize their functions. And in the electromechanical industry, a good system structure can optimize the overall performance of the product as well as extending its service life. The slip ring is an important electrical rotary joint in an electromechanical system. The structure of the slip ring is also rather important. Whether the structure is well-laid will decide the overall performance of a slip ring and its technological level. In the follow, we are going to take the structure of the fiber optic rotary joint as an example to illustrate the importance of the slip ring structure.


JINPAT Fiber Optic Rotary Joint LPFO-01B


The special characteristics of the fiber optic rotary joint demands strict lay-out and high precision in its structure. To enable optical signal transmission, this slip ring adopts optic fiber instead of general wires or hydraulic/pneumatic channels. Even when comparing with the smallest wire leads, the diameter of the optic fiber is extremely small. The diameter of the single mode optic fiber is only 10μm while the multi-mode one ranges from 50μm to 60μm. To realize optic signal transmission among the fiber optics being connected while rotation, the structure design has to be very precise and strict. The processing of this kind of high precision slip ring components is also a great challenge.


The diameter differences between the single mode and multi-mode optic fiber means there are different processing difficulties between the two fiber optic rotary joints. The single mode fiber slip rings, regardless of their channels numbers, are always more technical demanding than the multi-mode fiber optic slip rings. In the slip ring industry today, the technique in producing single mode/multi-mode fiber optic rotary joints with single channel is quite mature. The fiber optic rotary joints with multi-channel are comparatively mature. However, many slip ring manufacturers are struggling to solve the technical problems in developing single mode fiber optic slip rings with multi-channel.

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JINPAT Fiber Optic Slip Ring LPFO-07N-A


JINPAT Electronics maters the elementary techniques to develop single mode fiber optic rotary joint with 5~7 channels and multi-mode fiber optic rotary joint within 12 channels. JINPAT has relatively mature solutions to cope with the technical problems in related to insert loss of the fiber optic slip ring with multi-channel, lay-out of the optic elements inside the slip rings and the high-precision processing of other metal parts. JINPAT is now devoted to perfecting the fiber optic rotary joints to meet high standards.


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