JINPAT Custom Slip Rings for Construction Machinery

November 7, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Custom Slip Rings for Construction Machinery

JINPAT Electronics is a slip ring manufacture with abundant experience in slip ring R&D. With an innovative and dynamic technical team, JINPAT has kept bringing up practical slip ring solutions to the clients. JINPAT slip rings are proven to be of the high quality standard and well-performing ones.

While JINPAT standard slip rings like capsule slip rings, through bore slip rings and pancake slip rings can answer the needs of most commercial electronic products, applications in heavy industry like construction machineries need custom slip rings that can enable high power transmission and endure harsh environments.

With experiences working with clients in different fields, JINPAT has developed numerous executable custom slip ring solutions.

latest company news about JINPAT Custom Slip Rings for Construction Machinery  0

LPTS000-0330-1105-SY25 and LPTS000-0330-1105-SY50 are two custom slip ring produced by JINPAT for cranes. These two slip ring models with protection grading of IP67, demonstrate great water resistance and can function smoothly even under harsh operational environment. JINPAT crane slip ring integrates transmission of power and signals like throttle signals, CAN signals and general signals, etc. An encoder can be integrated within upon request. These high power slip rings are fit for 12T~350T cranes.

As for cable reel in the fire engine, JINPAT recommend LPT012A-0602. This slip ring features compact size with an out diameter of only 35mm. With WAGO terminals, LPT012A-0602 can be installed in a convenient way.

JINPAT Electronics is a mature slip ring company with a systematic and rigorous inspection procedure. Our slip ring products meet military application standards and comply to B.V., FCC and CE, etc. You can talk to our technical team and we are confident in bring you a satisfactory slip ring solution!