The Latest JINPAT Slip Ring Model for Ship Podded Propeller

November 5, 2021
Latest company news about The Latest JINPAT Slip Ring Model for Ship Podded Propeller

Recently, several JINPAT podded propeller slip rings are upon delivery. One of our latest custom high power slip ring is coded LPA000-06200-0618-44S-01A-06L. This slip ring is a highly integrated custom slip ring model that transmits power, signals, fluid and gas at the same time.


As you can tell from JINPAT’s way of coding, there are 6 200A power channels, 6 18A channels, 44 signal channels and 7 hydraulic/pneumatic channels in the podded propeller slip rings. This high power slip ring operates smoothly at -10℃~45℃. With case design and special housing, the slip ring demonstrates fine resistance against salt spray, oil mist and corrosion, etc. Therefore, JINPAT podded propeller slip ring is able to provide reliable and stable service to the podded propeller under complex applied environment.


In terms of the protection grading, with IP54, this model is highly reliable. However, protection grading can be upgraded depending on the client’s actual need. In JINPAT’s previous cases, high power integrated slip ring with stainless steel housing can reach IP65. LPA000-06200-0618-44S-01A-06L high power slip ring is improved in its case framing whose 4 angles are equipped with supporting bars to better stabilized the inner slip ring unit. This improvement contributes to better shock-endurance and impact-endurance of this slip ring.

Aside from podded propeller slip rings, JINPAT has developed numerous slip rings for different applications and won a good reputation in the industry. You can browse our website to find out more slip ring solutions.