The Latest Model of JINPAT Radio Frequency Slip Ring

October 27, 2021
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Of all the JINPAT slip rings, radio frequency slip ring, also known as high frequency rotary joint is very distinctive. Thanks to its complex material and structure, the radio frequency slip ring is a technology-intensive product. So this kind of slip rings are highly demanding in terms of design and production. JINPAT Electronics as a pioneer in the Chinese slip ring industry, is very competitive. With a skilled and experienced R&D team, JINPAT demonstrates great ability in developing various kinds of electrical slip ring, rotary unions and optical slip rings. Radio slip rings belong to the electrical slip ring section.


JINPAT LPCC series and LPHF series are two kinds of radio frequency rotary joints that represent the most highly technology-intensive slip rings. LPCC slip rings can be regarded as a simple version of the LPHF slip ring, with only one channel and no housing. The diameter is merely 5mm. It is very close to the size of the SMA connector. Since it is of the compact size slip ring, there are ready-made lead wires. Basing on the different impedance of the wires, they can be used to transmit high definition video signals and radio frequency signals.


LPHF-02W-2 Radio Frequency Slip Ring

LPHF rotary joints are specially designed for radio frequency signals. There are 1 to 4 channels in this radio frequency slip rings. There are no built-in lead wires. There is optional connector type that can match connector like SMA, TNC and so on. At present, JINPAT is very mature in developing high frequency rotary joint with 1~2 channels. Radio frequency slip rings with 4 channels are stilling being tested.


LPHF-02W-2 is JINPAT’s latest radio frequency slip ring. The innovative feature is that it is the first radio frequency slip ring whose wire exit is at right angles with the wire inlet. The peak power reaches up to 1000W. Meanwhile, the average power of the two channels are slightly different. One is 60W, the other is 10W. The two channels have slightly different voltage standing wave ratio and insertion loss. The rotating speed of this radio frequency slip ring is 250rmp with a protection grading of IP60.