JINPAT Electronics, the Pivot in Producing Podded Propeller Slip Ring

October 25, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Electronics, the Pivot in Producing Podded Propeller Slip Ring

Podded propeller technology has been developed years ago, but due to all kinds of reason this technology is not commonly seen. Nowadays, the environmental protection policies have encouraged the application of the podded propeller in the ship manufacturing industry. As a device that can rotate in an unrestricted 360-degree, the slip ring is needed as a key component to ensure the complete and smooth operation of it.

The slip rings for ship podded propeller are high power slip ring with module design. They tend to consist of power unit and signal unit. Sometimes, for other function, there is also a hydraulic-pneumatic unit.


JINPAT Electronics took the lead in entering the ship podded propeller slip ring field. By now, JINPAT has over a decade of experience in making slip rings for podded propellers. Subsequently, JINPAT has developed podded propeller slip rings with capacity from kilowatt to megawatt. To enable large current power transmission, podded propeller slip rings tend to have a large size than general slip ring products. To offer better protection to the slip ring unit, a case housing is preferred.

With an experienced team, JINPAT Electronics is able to put this “giant” slip ring into mass production. Recently, several JINPAT slip rings for podded propeller system are upon delivery. One of the representative is LPA000-06200-0618-44S-01A-06L. It is a custom slip ring for electric ferry. The podded propeller slip ring integrates 6 hydraulic channels and 1 pneumatic channel. In terms of the signal unit, there are 44 weak electric signal channels and 6 18A channels. The hydraulic-pneumatic unit and the power unit are integrated in the through-bore structure of the slip ring unit. The high power module consists of 6 200A power channels.

JINPAT is now the only slip ring manufacturer in China that can produce podded propeller slip rings in large scale. Contact with JINPAT team to find out more solutions.