JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings Introduction

October 21, 2021
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Through Bore Slip Ring is named after the feature of its having a bore going through the center of the slip ring unit. It is also called hollow shaft slip ring. Through bore slip rings function to facilitate the transmission of power and signals just like the other slip rings. The difference lies in its through bore design, that makes integration with hydraulic/pneumatic rotary joints more convenient. The through bore design also facilitates the mounting of the slip ring unit onto some application joints.

From JINPAT’s experience, through bore slip rings are ideal prototypes for integrated slip rings. Many custom slip ring designs are based on through bore slip ring since some simple solutions are simply combining a hydraulic pneumatic rotary joint inside the bore structure. On another aspect, the through bore/ hollow shaft design makes it very easy to be mounted on the shaft of the application side. Therefore, through bore slip rings are widely used in robots, robot arms and cable reels etc.


JINPAT Through bore slip rings

JINPAT through bore slip rings feature multiple contact points per fiber and thus ensure a fine contact while keeping a very low friction. JINPAT through bore slip rings are able to operate in a lasting and quiet way while keeping exceptional electronic performances.

There are many standard slip ring models in the through bore series. Number of channels is optional from 1~24. The operational rotating speed ranges from 0~500rmp. Generally speaking, aluminum is adopted as housing material. Other materials are also available upon request. With a low initiating torque, JINPAT through hole slip ring is able to rotate in a constant and robust way. With smooth rotations, JINPAT through bore slip rings are able to run a long product life.

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