JINPAT Military Slip Rings Brief Introduction

October 18, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Military Slip Rings Brief Introduction

  Military slip rings and rotary joints are specially designed for military devices and equipment. Generally speaking, military electrical slip rings features super stable performance, long service life, maintenance free. And to fulfill specific requirements of certain applications, there are other electronic characteristics that distinguish military slip rings and rotary joints from the general types. For instances, military slip ring tends to be at high protection grading to cope with the complex application environment. The slip ring adapts to low and high temperature from -60℃ to +200℃ with excellent shock-endurance and impact-endurance. Besides, JINPAT military slip ring also stands out in extremely low electrical noise, with low data loss.


JINPAT Military Slip Ring

To attain validation to produce military slip ring, a manufacturer shall pass a series of inspections. Only those with qualifications are allowed to produce military slip ring. JINPAT Electronics, is a slip ring manufacturer with a long history. JINPAT Electronics has established long term relationships with many military institutions and is the only civil-ran slip ring company that is qualified to make military slip rings in China. JINPAT Electronics has won its place in the global military slip ring market with its excellent product performance and quality.

JINPAT military slip rings find broad applications in military devices like common remotely operated weapon stations, radar systems, antenna, inertial navigation system and so on. With years of experience in the field, JINPAT has many mature custom military slip ring solutions.

According to the application ends, slip ring can be customized. Parameters like channel number, contact materials, housing materials, rotating speed, wire types and protection grading, etc. You can talk to JINPAT technical support team to work out a best slip ring model for you. Feel free to contact us!