Features of JINPAT Slip Rings for Turntable

October 15, 2021
Latest company news about Features of JINPAT Slip Rings for Turntable

Slip rings are vital electronic component that can facilitate the transmission of power and signals between the stationary part and the rotating part of a certain application. JINPAT Electronics is an established slip ring manufactures with an innovative technology team and provides professional customer support.

Since establishment, JINPAT Electronics has not only developed its own slip ring lines that produces standard slip ring models in large volume, but also provides thousands of custom slip ring solutions that are intended for various devices and applications.

Turntables are electromechanical facilities that function to offer simulation platform, product testing and so on. In this kind of device, take multi-axis simulation turntable for example, there is demand to transmit various signals from the rotating part to the stationary part. For this application, JINPAT Electronics also provides satisfactory custom solutions.


JINPAT slip rings for turntable feature module design which contribute to accurate transmission of power and signals. It takes up special structure to ensure high concentricity. With skilled technician and high precision machines, the wires are exquisitely laid. Thanks to the systematic inspection procedures, JINPAT slip rings are highly consistent and reliable.

LPT004-045-0806-4002-01E2-01E3, LPT004-073-0516-1205-10002-03E2-E3, LPT004-099-2010-11902-02E2 and LPT050-2305-5602-E2 are several custom slip rings for turntable. These models integrate multiple channels and industrial Ethernet channels. Beside, customer can also request a built-in encoder, or integrated fiber optic rotary joints according to their actual needs. JINPAT offers the top flexibility to the customer so as to bring out the slip ring models fit them most. Please contact us for better slip ring products and more efficient custom solutions!