JINPAT Large Current and Signals Integrated Slip Ring Brief Introduction

September 27, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Large Current and Signals Integrated Slip Ring Brief Introduction

To enable transmission of large current, most of large current slip rings take up carbon brush structure with hollow design. However, such structure determines the limited kinds of signals this large current slip ring can transmit. To enable a stable transmission of various signals in such slip ring, an integrated signal unit is demanded. Basically speaking, the signal module is independent from the power module. In the weak electricity module, most are channels that transmit power up to 50A. Others are signal channels including control signal, CAN signal, Ethernet signal and so on.

Compared with other signal channels like control signals and CAN signals, Ethernet channels are slightly different. Even between 100M Ethernet channel and Gigabit Ethernet channel, there are technical differences. For example, 4 lead wires are needed to transmit 100M Ethernet signal inside the slip ring unit while 8 are needed for Gigabit Ethernet. If these kinds of signals are transmitted with other signals, extra shielding measures must be taken to avoid interference between different signals.


LPA000-02800-02400-0305-E2-FO04 JINPAT Large Current Slip Ring

Now let’s look at a practical case. LPA000-08100-0480-0450-0920-0410-02E2 is a large current slip ring with many channels. It consists of two modules, one is high power unit, the other is weak electricity module. There are 8 100A channels, 4 80A channels and 4 50A channels in the high power part. In term of the weak electricity module, there is 1 100M Ethernet channel, 9 20A power channels and 4 10A power channels. To prevent interference caused by the power transmission to the Ethernet signal transmission, the module takes up shielding wires.

Integrating channels that transmit different power capacity doesn’t necessary makes it a complicated product. The other slip ring model produced by JINPAT represents the technologically complex ones. LPA000-03850-03150-02100-01PE-4005-05E2-10S-FO01 is a highly technological sophisticated slip ring. The power model integrates 3 850A power channels, 3 150A channels and 2 100A channels. Of course, aside from the power ring, there is one grounding wire. In case of the weak electricity module, there are 40 5A power channels, 5 100M Ethernet channels and 10 channels for other signals. Besides, this large current slip ring also integrates a multi-mode single channel fiber optic rotary joint.