JINPAT Electronics Slip Rings for High-End Medical Applications

December 14, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Electronics Slip Rings for High-End Medical Applications

Among all kinds of industry, a great development has unfolded on medical equipment and facilities in recent years. There are more and more rising giants in the medical application industry. JINPAT as a slip ring manufacturer, has provided numerous custom slip ring solutions for medical devices. Now let check a few of JINPAT’s customer cases.

LPT012B-0302-U2 is a small size through bore rotary joint designed for ophthalmic medical equipment. There are 3 2A power channels and 1 USB2.0 channel. This hollow shaft slip ring has a relatively simple structure and are basic model for medical devices. Also, it is one of the medical slip rings that have the longest history. The original product can be dated back to 9 years ago. With upgrades and revisions, this slip ring can also integrate Ethernet signals and others that are frequency used in medical facilities.


JINPAT Slip Rings for Cardiovascular

Besides, JINPAT Electronics also has a large collection of slip ring models that transmit pulse signals. They are mostly installed on cardio therapy. These slip rings feature high rotating speed, with a maximum speed at 8000rpm. Given the special working mechanism, RF coaxial cables are taken up to help carry the signals. The working frequency are most in 100MHz. JINPAT has developed a slip ring model that can cater up to 64 impulse signal channels. Aside from the high-end medical slip rings, JINPAT also produces slip rings for shadowless lamp which has a large annual production volume.

With the advancement of technology, wide applications of operational robots, one-station operating room, there are increasing demands of slip rings that can cater the requirement. JINPAT Electronics, with its excellent R&D competitiveness, is no doubt very attractive to clients. And JINPAT Electronics is well qualified to develop and produce the right slip ring model for the medical equipment industry.