JINPAT Electronics Slip Rings for Marine Industry Machines

December 28, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Electronics Slip Rings for Marine Industry Machines

In November, China Ocean Economic Expo was held in Shenzhen. Aside from the development outlook of the ocean economy, there were plenty of advanced ocean exploration machines being exhibited. Behind these advanced machines is the strong support of ship manufacturing technique and the industry chain. JINPAT Electronics, as a slip ring provider, also contributes to the development of marine industry machines.

The most frequently practiced slip ring models for marine industry machines are electrical slip ring for automated cable reels. Cable reels are installed on various kinds of construction vessels to allow a full function of the marine cranes and marine winches. JINPAT crane slip rings take up frame structure to provide extra vindication and protection to the slip ring unit. These marine crane slip rings are custom solutions with high power capacity and working voltage. To cope with different application scenes, a thermostat is integrated within to help dissipate and generate heat in order to maintain a stable temperature within the system. Such feature makes this slip ring perfectly fit for offshore platform equipment. To better suit the offshore environment, clients can order a model with excellent explosion-proof performance.


In term of slip ring with explosion-proof quality, JINPAT LPA000-09800-01PE-3020-04L is a very good example. This large current slip ring is specially designed for floating cranes. It is a highly integrated slip ring solutions with module design and hydraulic/pneumatic channels. The high power unit integrates 9 800A channels and 1 ground line which works at 440V AC. There are 30 20A channels whose working voltage is 230V AC. This solution is suitable for marine industry machines with special function. The working voltage can be higher according to the client’s demand.

In the same power transmission capacity, higher voltage means lower power. And the high working voltage enables the electricity to be transmitted to further destination. Therefore, the above mentioned custom slip ring is also applicable on some scientific research vessels. Slip rings for these high-end vessel tend to working at above 4,000V AC. LPA000-0250-FO04 is one of the representatives. This custom slip ring is with fiber optic channels. It takes up special plastic as insulation layer and therefore ensure a reliable functioning of the slip ring in super high working voltage. Another model for reference is LPA000-2650-06S.

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