JINPAT Electronics Multi-Channel Capsule Slip Ring and Custom Solutions

January 3, 2023
Latest company news about JINPAT Electronics Multi-Channel Capsule Slip Ring and Custom Solutions

Among JINPAT Capsule Slip Rings, LPC-56, LPC-76 and LPC-125 are the three models that have the largest numbers of channels. Since they contain more channels, both the standard slip ring model and the custom solution is more versatile. They are fit for medium/large size electromechanical system. Since the stand capsule slip ring works at 220VAC or 380VAC max, they are usually applied in some medium size automated production equipment, camera stabilizer and medium size rotary machines. As for slip ring that can work in higher voltage, a custom solution is needed.

JINPAT Capsule slip ring LPC-56 for instance, the standard model is with a diameter of 25mm. To fit in special equipment, JINPAT engineers also work out a smaller version. But relatively, the voltage and capacity are reduced, the smaller slip ring model only support 110VAC with a transmission capacity of 1.5A. From the electronic performance, it can be seen as an upgrade version of LPM miniature slip ring. This is because it contains 56 channels while the standard miniature slip ring can integrate only 30 channel at max.

To name the most characteristic custom solution of JINPAT LPC-56, LPC-56A-08U2 is no doubt the top1. This slip ring model feature USB2.0 connectors, it integrates 8 USB2.0 channels. But with the wider application of USB3.0 transmission, the solution is replaced by those with USB3.0 capacity.

LPC-76A-1404-39S-E3 is the latest JINPAT custom capsule slip ring solution. There is 1 Gigabit Ethernet channel, 39 signal channels and 14 4A power channel. To ensure a reliable signal transmission while maintaining the rotation, the Ethernet channel and power channels are with special metal shielding layer. Besides, the working voltage is 4V which is quite rare.

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