4K TV signal slip ring

January 11, 2023
Latest company news about 4K TV signal slip ring

4K ultra-high-definition TV is a household appliance that is loved by every family at present, and it has real-time live broadcast of signals. Features such as ultra-high-definition 4K images, all of which require ultra-high-definition video shooting cameras to achieve. In the process of 4K image shooting, photography cranes and professional-grade pan/tilts are important auxiliary tools. The picture angles are rich and colorful. Among these auxiliary tools, the high-definition video signal slip ring is one of the most important devices.

Slip rings are connecting devices used to transmit signals and power. The quality of slip rings can determine whether the entire system can work normally. This indicator is particularly prominent in live TV signals. For the rotary transmission of high-definition video signals, JINPAT Electronics has a variety of solutions. On ordinary consumer-grade gimbals, ordinary micro or ultra-miniature slip rings are sufficient. On professional-grade gimbals and camera rockers, it is necessary to use more professional SDI, HDMI high-definition video signal slip ring.

JINPAT SDI high-definition video signal slip ring, the most mainstream and most popular is the product that can support high-definition video signal 3G-SDI. This type of slip ring has a large output and the most mature technology. It has been used in professional-level aerial photography drones and camera clouds stage and broadcast camera cranes.

In addition, HDMI signal slip rings can also be used in the process of 4K ultra-high-definition TV signal broadcasting. Just like SDI signal slip rings, slip rings that support HDMI2.0 version are required. Whether it is a slip ring that supports 6G-SDI signals or a slip ring that supports HDMI2.0 signals, JINPAT Electronics has mass-produced and put into use several models.

From a technical point of view, in order to avoid signal interference, there is another high-definition video solution that can be used, that is, the optical fiber slip ring, which has the advantages of small size, light weight, high protection level, strong anti-interference ability and no leakage. It can perfectly support the rotary transmission of 4K ultra-high-definition signals and even 8K ultra-high-definition signals that require high bandwidth and rate. In addition to being used alone, JEPAT optical fiber slip rings can also be combined into cap or hollow shaft slip rings to form photoelectric slip rings to solve the problem of integrated signal and power transmission.