JINPAT Electronic Gas Hydraulic Electric Integrated Slip Ring

February 3, 2023
Latest company news about JINPAT Electronic Gas Hydraulic Electric Integrated Slip Ring

In the field of automation or other equipment, gas-hydraulic-electrical signal integrated slip rings are indispensable. As an established manufacturer of slip rings, JINPAT Electronics also provides nearly a thousand such integrated gas-hydraulic-electrical signal integrated rotary transmissions solutions for global customers. Recently, JEPAT products have new product updates. The latest gas-liquid-electric signal integrated slip ring model is LPPL000-14L-01A-4005-01E3, which integrates 14 liquid channels, 1 gas channel, 40 5A current channels and 1 gigabit signal channel.


The biggest feature of this type of integrated slip ring is its air-liquid module. The rotor and stator are respectively processed by two different special stainless steels, SUS304 and martensitic. The liquid module of this product air-liquid slip ring is integrated with cooling Water and hydraulic oil passages, of which the hydraulic oil passage can withstand a pressure of up to 250Bar, which is also the highest among the multi-channel gas-hydraulic-electric integrated slip rings developed by JEPAT Electronics. After adding the remaining 1 gas channel, the length of the gas-liquid slip ring module reaches 1092mm, which is the longest gas-liquid module among the gas-liquid integrated slip rings of JINPAT Electronics. The pressure bearing capacity is also the leader among JEPAT gas-liquid integrated slip rings.


The electric slip ring module of this type of product is installed at the stator end of the air-hydraulic slip ring, and its wire passes through the through hole in the center of the air-hydraulic slip ring, integrating 40 5A current paths, and is installed at the end of the rotor of the air-hydraulic module. The use requirements of the terminal equipment, the wire used is also a special 10-core special shielded wire, the signal wire is a LAPP CAT5e network cable, and the connector is an RJ45 connector for a conventional network cable. In order to further protect the safety of the wire and facilitate installation, an end cover is added outside the tail of the electric slip ring module of this type of integrated slip ring. The end cover has a side hole, and the stator wire of the electric slip ring protrudes from the side hole. .