JINPAT USB3.0 signal integrated slip ring

February 6, 2023
Latest company news about JINPAT USB3.0 signal integrated slip ring

Compared with USB2.0 signal integrated slip rings, USB3.0 signal integrated slip rings are much more complicated. As the earliest slip ring manufacturer in China, JINPAT Electronics also has strong technical research and development capabilities in the field of USB signal slip rings. , in addition to multi-channel USB2.0 signal slip rings, JINPAT also has more than ten years of research and development history in the field of USB3.0 signal slip rings. Similar to signal slip rings such as HDMI, DP and Ethernet, higher bandwidth signal slip rings occupy much more loops than lower bandwidth ones. For example, USB2.0 signal slip rings only need to occupy at least 4 loops The USB3.0 signal requires at least 12 loops for wiring inside the slip ring.

The USB3.0 signal slip rings developed by JINPAT include pure signal slip rings that only transmit USB3.0 signals and do not integrate other channels, and models that integrate with current and other signals. The latest representative models of the former category are LPM-18C-U3, LPC-18A-U3, etc. These two products are remanufactured from 18-way standard products, and the former is improved from a smaller miniature slip ring. , its outer diameter is 12.8mm, and its length is 23.5mm. The latter is improved from the LPC-18A with a diameter of 22mm and a length of 32.9mm without the boot.

Due to the technical characteristics of the USB3.0 signal, the slip rings integrated with the USB3.0 signal path are mostly small cap slip rings. The latest model is LPC-TM25-0209-01U3-01HD. This product integrates 1 USB3 .0 signal path and 1 HDMI signal path, and the power loop is 2 9A. LPC-24TTM25-0205-0204-04S-02U3-01U2 is another latest USB signal integrated slip ring from JINPAT Electronics. This product integrating UB2.0 and 3.0 signal paths at the same time is also relatively common. Although there are also some customized hollow shaft slip rings that have USB3.0 signal paths, the cap slip rings that integrate USB3.0 signals are also integrated into the through holes as a separate module. This multi-module combination method, It will also appear on some hollow shaft custom slip rings that need to integrate DP or HDMI signals.