JINPAT’s Technical Solution for the 2023 RoboMaster Competition

February 24, 2023
Latest company news about JINPAT’s Technical Solution for the 2023 RoboMaster Competition

The new season of RoboMaster is about to start. Due to some changes in the competition rules of the new season, participating teams have also updated some robots. Hero robots, sentry robots, and infantry robots all need to use conductive slip rings. Judging from the product cases provided by JINPATElectronics to each team over the years, infantry robots mainly consume two series of standard slip rings of JINPAThat-type LPC and LPM, and the number of conductive slip ring channels is between 24 and 30.


In response to the needs of the RM competition, JINPAT Electronics also prepared two technical solutions integrating USB3.0 signals. Both products have been developed on the basis of LPC medium-sized cap slip rings. Among them, the products developed based on LPC-24A can retain 9 2A current paths after integrating 1 USB3.0 signal slip ring, and the products developed based on LPC-30A can retain up to 15 2A current paths . The diameter of these two products is 22mm, the length of LPC-24A is 42.3mm, and the length of LPC-30A is 49.8mm. Compared with the standard model of LPM-24, the volume and weight of these two LPC series conductive slip rings will not be reduced. too much, and the effect on the infantry robot's center of gravity is negligible.


The conductive slip rings used by hero robots and sentinel robots are mostly JINPA Thollow shaft series, and the standard models commonly used by these two robots are LPT050-1205, LPT050-1210, LPT025-2405, etc. In addition to standard products, these two robots also use a large number of customized models. Most of the apertures of customized models are between 20 and 60mm in diameter. In this range, 25.4, 38.1, 50, and 60mm are the standard apertures of JINPAT Electronics. If the slip ring is customized on the basis of these several apertures, the delivery speed will be faster. Among these products, the standard product with the largest outer diameter is 60mm, reaching 135mm.