JINPAT Via Cap Series Customized Product Introduction

March 10, 2023
Latest company news about JINPAT Via Cap Series Customized Product Introduction

In JINPAT cap series slip ring products, whether it is a customized product or a standard model product, the size of the via hole is basically within 10mm. Although JINPAT Electronics also has hollow shaft slip rings with 4mm aperture, they are distinguished according to the different structural characteristics of single brush filament and multiple brush filaments. Moreover, the customized hollow shaft slip ring with ultra-small aperture has much more passages than the cap slip ring with the same aperture, and the product volume is also large. The standard product of JINPAT cap type slip ring with through hole is LPC-T series. When the outer diameter of the product remains the same as that of the cap type slip ring without holes in the same way, the maximum hole diameter can reach 7mm, while the customized cap type slip ring , the current diameter of the largest via hole has reached 9mm.


Let's take LPC05-D22-01S, the simplest product in this series, as an example. The outer diameter of this product is the same as the standard cap slip ring with 36 channels or less, which is 22mm, and its aperture is 5mm. It integrates 1 channel of pulse Signal, the signal line uses a 50Ω RF coaxial line. Generally speaking, the speed of the pulse signal slip ring is relatively high, and the design maximum speed of this product has reached 2000rpm. In order to make it have a strong impact resistance, this product also uses an aluminum alloy shell.


The most complicated cap slip ring with via holes at present is LPC07-D34-0802-3001-20S. This product has an inner diameter of 7mm and an outer diameter of 34mm. It integrates two specifications of 2A and 1A with a total of 38 current paths and 20 signal paths. For the convenience of installation, the stator and rotor wire ends of this type of slip ring signal channel are connected with corresponding male and female terminals. It is necessary to weld the small diameter signal wire to the very small terminal, which requires very high welding process in the manufacturing process. This is a test of the technical level of front-line manufacturing personnel.