JINPAT Electronics Your Best Slip Ring Provider

September 30, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Electronics Your Best Slip Ring Provider

JINPAT Electronics, based in Shenzhen China, is an established slip ring manufacturer that provides both standard slip rings and custom slip rings. Recently, our company has gone through an in-depth upgrade. In the slip ring industry, JINPAT Electronics is a prestigious name. For outstanding quality and super long product life, JINPAT Electronics slip rings win the hearts of customers at home and abroad. So what makes JINPAT Electronics a competitive slip ring company?

To begin with, JINPAT Electronics is a company with large scale. The factory takes up a space of 12,000 square meters and holds over 500 employees. You can see JINPAT Electronics has an explicit function division of different apartments. And JINPAT introduced the MES better standardize production process and enhance production efficiency. This standard production process enables JINPAT Electronics to lower the cost of production and therefore provides slip rings with a more economical price.


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Skillful Technicians & Machine Tools

JINPAT slip rings have owned a good reputation among clients. There are a couple of factors that contribute to the excellent quality of JINPAT’s products. Right from the start, JINPAT Electronics has an experienced and skillful R&D team. Our technician, engineers and experts spare no efforts in bringing slip ring with best structure and design. And JINPAT keeps researching ways to improve the product performance. Then, during production, you can see our skillful worker works together with the advanced machine-tool. JINPAT Electronics is able to produce high precision component with great accuracy and consistency. What else, there is a product lab center that keeps track of slip ring performance and work life span by carrying out simulation tests. With authentic data feedback, JINPAT is able to better push forward our slip ring and rotary joint performances. Last but not least, JINPAT Electronics also has a rigorous inspection system that look over the quality and performance of slip ring products. JINPAT makes sure clients can get the best slip ring products at a fair price.