Technical Introduction of JINPAT Electronics Integrated Slip Rings

September 16, 2022
Latest company news about Technical Introduction of JINPAT Electronics Integrated Slip Rings

In most circumstances, aside from power and signals, some electromechanical equipment demand 1 to 2 hydraulic pneumatic channels to transmit fluid and gas. A simple combination between rotary union and slip ring will not work. And a brand new integrated slip ring design is needed.


As a professional slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics is an established slip ring manufacturer in China. And with years of dealing with different applications, JINPAT Electronics has accumulated abundant experience in making custom slip rings. In the past two month, JINPAT Electronics has developed a dozen custom integrated slip rings with 1 to 2 hydraulic/pneumatic channels. To fit with different application end, the structures of these new slip ring models are also different.


Take the integrated slip rings with 2 hydraulic pneumatic channels for example, the most frequently adopted solution is one that join the rotary union with electrical slip ring. LPPL000-0620-E2-02A is a representative integrated slip ring model. There are 6 20A power channel and 1 100M Ethernet channel, and 2 hydraulic pneumatic channels. The fluid and gas channels can transmit compressed air in 10Bar. The slip ring is expected to take up horizontal installation. Client can demand protection grading up to IP67.


Aside from the two-module design, there is another structure where electrical signal module and the hydraulic pneumatic module share the same rotor but have an independent stator respectively. This type of slip ring has advantages in strength of structure and impact endurance. Some integrated models have been put into practice. LPT000-1010-02E3-02A and LPT090-0615-0405-E2-02A are two typical model with Ethernet signal capacity and meantime transmit fluid and gas.


Among integrated hydraulic pneumatic slip rings, those with single channel for gas and fluid are with the simplest structure. This can be done by installing a rotary union within the through bore of a hollow shaft slip ring. LPT000-0340-13S-01A, LPT000-0104-E2-01A and LPT000-01A-0803-12S-04GND are very mature models of such type.