JINPAT FPC Slip Rings Specially Designed for Compact Devices

March 19, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT FPC Slip Rings Specially Designed for Compact Devices

JINPAT FPC slip ring is a high-end capsule slip ring model. Instead of taking up traditional lead wires, JINPAT FPC slip rings adopt flexible printed circuits. JINPAT FPC slip ring is a representative of JINPAT’s independently developed slip rings. JINPAT Electronics is always exploring ways to improve the slip ring products and develop characteristic slip rings that fit in specific applications.

JINPAT FPC Slip Ring LPM-18C-0202-09S

JINPAT FPC slip rings, take LPM-18C-0202-09S for example, is a light and compact slip ring model with refined structure design. Adopting FPC, flexible printed circuits, as conductive medium, the FPC slip ring embraces more possibilities and flexibilities. LPM-18C-0202-09S can serve in high precision devices with restricted space or with complex circuit lay-out. JINPAT FPC slip ring transmits current up to 2A, while transmitting various signals like analog signals, angle signals and data signals, etc. It enjoys extremely low torque while maintaining a smooth and lasting rotation. The processing technique is military class. The gold-to-gold contacts guarantee excellent electronic performances and long service life. The FPC circuits have good folding endurable and is space-saving thanks to its optimal wiring method.


JINPAT FPC slip ring is featured by high wiring density, super light weight and equal wiring diameter. It is applicable to many high end products with sophisticated inner structure such as mobile phones, notebooks, PDA, digital cameras, LCM and Electronic Total Station, etc.


Aside from FPC slip rings, JINPAT also has many other special solutions that can fit customers ‘needs. If you have any special requirements, you can contact with our technology team. We are confident in bringing you the best slip ring solutions with the most reasonable price.