JINPAT Through Hole Slip Rings and Hybrid Solutions

March 16, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Through Hole Slip Rings and Hybrid Solutions

JINPAT Electronics has developed many standard through bore slip ring models. These slip rings take up module design. Generally speaking, JINPAT LPT series adopt standard through bore slip ring as the framework, and a mounting plate is installed in the stator side. Other slip rings like fiber optic rotary joint and capsule slip ring can be mounted on the plate to become a hybrid slip ring.
Take JINPAT LPC-12/24/30/36T standard capsule slip ring with 22mm diameter for example, the hybrid solutions add up to dozens of slip rings models in the series of LPC1C-T or LPC1F-T. These slip rings can be further integrated with JINPAT LPT025/038 series.

JINPAT Hybrid Through Hole Slip Ring LPT000-0430-20S-HF02

Another popular JINPAT solution is to integrated a high frequency slip ring in the custom through hole slip ring. This hybrid slip ring is commonly adopted for military applications like radar system and Satcom on the move. The through hole slip ring is a custom type instead of the standard one, which is capable of transmitting power and signals itself. So after being integrated with high frequency slip ring, the hybrid slip ring is very powerful in transmitting various signals.

Last but not least, slip ring of the other types can be directed combined with the standard hollow shaft slip ring. However, the client should not disassemble the parts. If any maintenance should be made, the slip ring products are expected to be sent back to JINPAT for maintenance.