JINPAT HD-SDI Slip Ring Works Perfectly in Industrial Endoscope

October 16, 2020
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Industrial endoscope inspection, :nondestructive testing,NDT, nondestructive evaluating,NDE, nondestructive test

Industrial endoscope is a kind of visual inspection in non-destructive testing. The biggest difference between industrial endoscope testing and other non-destructive testing methods is that it can directly reflect the internal and external surface of the object, with no need of data comparing, manual skills or experience to detect the defects. During inspection, we can use industrial endoscope equipment to make dynamic video recording or photographic recording of the entire inspection process.

Industrial endoscopes are mainly used in automobiles, aviation engines, pipelines, mechanical parts, etc., which can achieve non-destructive testing without disassembly, destruction of assembly and equipment shutdown. They are widely used in aviation, automobiles, ships, electrical engineering, chemical, electricity, gas, atomic energy, civil engineering and other modern core industries.

According to customers’ request, JINPAT team has worked out the most suitable solution slip ring. The HD-SDI slip ring is very compact, integrating 12 3A circuits and 1 HD-SDI video signal channel, which can transmit 1.5 Bit/s. Customer loves this solution, it has received 5 stars rating feedback.