JINPAT Through hole Slip Ring Obtains a New Patent Which Is Used in The Field of Automatic Welding Robot

October 19, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Through hole Slip Ring Obtains a New Patent Which Is Used in The Field of Automatic Welding Robot

With the development of science and technology, the application fields of welding robots are increasingly extensive. In view of the complicated structure of the rotating joint for the existing welding robot, the inconvenience of installation and maintenance, and the non-universality, JINPAT Electronics has developed a through hole integrated slip ring for the welding robot. It facilitates 360° unrestricted rotation of welding robot, and the number of slip ring circuits can reach more than 500. It can transmit Ethernet, USB, RS, CANBUS, FireWire, servo motor signal, encoder signal, strain gauge, thermocouple, HDMI HD. A variety of signals, such as video, and can be integrated with the gas and hydraulic slip ring.

The technical advantages of JINPAT through hole slip ring which obtained a new patent and has been applied in the field of automatic welding robot:

  • Solved the problem of various signal and current transmission of welding robot.
  • It can be integrated into the gas and hydraulic slip ring to solve the gas- hydraulic transmission function during the 360° rotation of the device. It realizes the synchronous rotation of the conductive slip ring and the gas-hydraulic slip ring, thereby realizing the synchronous transmission of electricity and gas and hydraulic, and solving the limited space problem of the device.
  • The working cable and plug are integrated with the rotor end and the stator end of the slip ring, which solves the problem of more convenient on-site wiring, higher reliability and safety performance.
  • With characteristics of high protection, stable transmission, long life, maintenance-free, can transmit a variety of special signals, can be customized. It has greatly solved the problems existing in the current welding robot market : stranded wire , installation and maintenance are inconvenien. It is deeply favored by domestic and foreign customers.