JINPAT Independently-developed Medical Devices Slip Ring

October 20, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Independently-developed Medical Devices Slip Ring

JINPAT is the first manufacturer to carry out Research and Development of medical devices slip ring in China which can be applied in CT Machines, shadowless lamps. The slip ring can be customized with an inner diameter 0.5-3 meters, transmit 100bit high speed data signal, 1000M Ethernet, fiber signal, etc., 2000VAC high voltage, 500A high current, stable performance and long life. JINPAT CT Machine slip ring can offer reliable data and power transmission, meeting the exacting requirements in the medical equipment field.

The shadowless lamp slip ring is developed by JINPAT Electronics for surgical shadowless lamps which adopts the most advanced precious metal fiber brush contact technology and unique wiring and shielding methods to ensure the reliability of signal transmission.

JINPAT SR-series is a conductive slip ring for hybrid transmission of power and signal with flexible modular design, integrating power, digital, analog, Ethernet and other signal transmission. It features low pressure, low friction, low loss and high reliability brush contact design for maintenance-free operation for extended periods of time.