JINPAT High Frequency Slip Ring and Military Radar

July 27, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT High Frequency Slip Ring and Military Radar

The role of the high-frequency slip ring in the radar is to connect the rotating part of the radar with the fixed part, and transmit electricity and signals. The normal operation of the slip ring has a huge impact on the radar. For example, in the CINRAD-SA radar, there have been many false alarm failures such as normal elevation limit and dead angle limit due to slip ring failure. In serious cases, the radar will not work properly.
With the further development of radar technology, the quality of data transmitted by the rotating part is becoming higher and higher, and the amount of data transmission is getting larger and larger. The problems of the traditional slip ring brushes that are easily worn are no longer suitable for the use of radar.
JINPAT's newly developed high-frequency slip ring LPHF-01A and other LPHF series slip rings have single-channel multi-channel multiple models, which can simultaneously transmit analog signals and digital signals. The frequency can be customized, and the size is small, light weight, compact design, free The advantages such as maintenance make the transmission process and transmission structure of the radar simplified, and it is at the leading level among similar slip rings.