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July 24, 2020

JINPAT Marine Radar Antenna Hybrid slip ring

This is a hybrid slip ring that integrates slip ring and high-frequency rotary joint, which called LPCC series. High-frequency slip ring can realize the function of traditional electric slip ring, and can transmit high-frequency analog signals and high-speed digital signals above 500Mhz-50Ghz. The slip ring has excellent performance, low signal attenuation loss and low transmission fluctuation value, and can be widely used in aerospace fields such as air traffic control and missile defense systems.


  • Number of high frequency channels up to 21
  • Frequency range up to 50Ghz
  • Compact appearance
  • Can transmit analog signals and high-speed digital signals
  • Ultra-low attenuation loss, ultra-low transmission fluctuation
  • Long life, maintenance-free, no need for lubrication

Customizable Items

  • Number of high frequency channels
  • Rated voltage and current
  • Wire end connector
  • Lead wire length
  • Support mixed transmission of broadband signal and current or other signals

Typical Application:

  • Radar antenna
  • Air traffic control, missile defense system
  • Satellite communication system
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