JINPAT Photoelectric Integrated Slip Ring in Vascular Measuring Instrument

July 21, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Photoelectric Integrated Slip Ring in Vascular Measuring Instrument

Recently, JINPAT has successfully developed an integrated optical fiber slip ring for medical equipment, which is used in vascular measuring instruments. The housing shell is made of SUS304, the fiber wavelength is 1200~1400 nm, and insertion loss is less than 2 dB. The return loss is greater than or equal to 40 dB, the optical power is 23 dB m. The operating speed is 3000 rpm, and maximum can reach 6000 rpm. FC / APC plug and SC / APC socket have been adopted. The slip ring can transmit 2 circuits power and 1 circuit optical fiber signal. The slip ring uses precision machined parts and is combined with the parts of the customer's equipment. It can meet the requirements of high-end medical equipment for signal and power transmission with short delay time, low bit error rate and low loss. The slip ring has been successfully used in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular instruments.

The wavelength of single-mode optical fiber slip ring transmission is mostly 1310-1550nm. The core diameter is small (9um), and the loss is low. It can transmit 100GBit/s data. Besides, the long-distance transmission can reach 120 kilometers. JINPAT Electronics can provide a variety of optical fiber slip rings with a number of channels. The number of channels has now reached 19, which can integrate multiple single-mode/multi-mode simultaneously on a whole. The transmission wavelength range is 850-1550nm, insertion loss <5dB, insertion loss change value <2dB, stable transmission performance, welcome customers to inquire.