JINPAT High Protection Grading Slip Rings

October 24, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT High Protection Grading Slip Rings

Many of JINPAT Electronics custom slip rings are expected to operate in harsh environment. And the feature of different scenes calls for specific protection grading. To answer the demands in the electronic market, JINPAT Electronics has made some upgrades on the capsule slip ring series. JINPAT LPC-54 and LPC-65 are two high protection grading slip ring branches.

Since establishment, JINPAT Electronics has developed numerous slip rings and rotary joints with protection grading range from IP54 to IP67. As for those with grading above IP68, the number the very small. For high protection grading slip ring, LPC-0206-IP68 is a very representative example. This super high protection grading electrical slip ring together with the application end, the underwater remote operated vehicles are patent-winning inventions. The patent code is ZL201210472062.3. This high protection grading slip ring share the same parameters with LPC-020-02S-IP68. Both the slip ring models has a 22mm outer diameter and a length of 49.6mm.


LPT000-0420-10S-IP69 JINPAT High Protection Grading Slip Ring


And the latest JINPAT slip ring model with high protection grading is developed from a JINPAT through bore slip ring. This custom slip ring is coded as LPT000-0420-12S with an outer diameter of 86mm and a length of 99.6mm. The protection grading is IP69. This latest rotary joint model has the highest protection grading among the JINPAT slip ring collection. Such impeccable protection level is thanks to its special structure. JINPAT adopts one-piece machining technique on the housing. The slip ring resembles a cup, only that with several holes for cable outlet.

However, the hollow shaft high protection grading slip rings are not outstanding in terms of electrical performance. They are typical weak electrical slip ring. Both slip rings work at 12VAC. The signal module transmits CANBUS signal, and adopts CAN cables. As for the power unit, LAPP cables are chosen. These two slip ring model are designed for vehicle-borne devices. From JINPAT’s client cases, such models are installed on forest planting machines. With IP69, the JINPAT custom through bore slip ring can endure strong impacts and dust-threaten working environments.