JINPAT Latest Models of Capsule Slip Rings

November 8, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Latest Models of Capsule Slip Rings

JINPAT Electronics has embarked the journey of independent with the models of capsules slip rings. Capsule slip rings the initial products of JINPAT Electronics and have been improved and updated along with the company. Most of the case, only a few adjustments are made on the JINPAT capsule slip rings. However, the whole series has gone through a full-round upgrade. The salient change is the black-color housing is substituted by peacock-blue one.


Besides, the slip rings models are given new coding. Take the original 18 channel standard capsule slip ring for example. The new sub-models are coded using the 26 alphabets. The brand new series remain the abbreviation of the slip ring category and the channel number. The latter two letter are decided according to the flange and sleeve buckle of the slip rings. For instance, LPC-18YB is a capsule slip ring with 18 channels without a tail buckle while LPC-18YJ is with metal tail sleeve. Similarly, LPC-18YU is a model without a flange while LPC-18YT is one with through-bore design.


Such logic of coding is extended to both the Medium Size LPC Capsule Slip Rings and the LPM Miniature Slip Rings. LPC/M-YD is with reversed tail buckle. LPC/M-YS are high speed and long life span products. And to better satisfy the market needs, JINPAT also develops related slip ring model with high protection grading: LPC-IP54 and LPC-IP65.


These brand new updates are revolutionary steps JINPAT takes to keep pace with the market demands and novel technology. The updates are based on a large quantity of customer feedbacks. JINPAT has come up with the most exquisite structure design and gold-to-gold contacts. The new products are superior in electrical and mechanical performances.