JINPAT Integrated Slip Rings for Electric Cable Reels

November 21, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Integrated Slip Rings for Electric Cable Reels

In different scenes, there are a variety of slip rings to cater the special needs. Large-size cable reels are installed on the marine construction ships. The electric cable reels are installed to hold and control the crane. As for small size cable reels, they are installed on high-end applications. To allow the joint to rotate and enable signals to transmit, an electrical slip ring is needed.


Under the construction background, slip rings are expected to carry high power electricity, therefore slip rings tend to take up carbon brush design. The most representative slip ring model is the LPA350/340 series. These series are specially designed for cable reels on ship winches. The most salient feature is the super big through bore design. The central bore diameter amounts to 300mm. And to cope with the extreme environment in the ocean, these slip rings are with high protection grading, up to IP56. The working voltage of them are 380VAC or 440VAC.


The above mentioned voltage of the slip ring is quite small when compared to those applied in a scientific research vessel or a ROV. To enable power transmission in the deep ocean, the slip rings are with higher working voltage, mostly are above 2500VAC. Besides, to ensure the high efficiency communication on an umbilical ROV, an optical rotary joint is often integrated within the slip ring solution. Typical solutions are LPA000-0250-01PE-FO04 and LPA000-0630-01PE-0620-30S. Both these two integrate 1 4-channel single-mode optical slip ring.


And there are also very handy slip ring solutions for high-end commercial electronics. Compared to the giant slip rings, the mini slip rings have broader applications and larger annual production volume. LPT012-0405-06S is a newly published slip ring model for portable cable reels. This electrical swivel joint integrates 4 5A power channels and 6 encoder channels to support transmission of various sensor signals.


JINPAT Electronics is an expert in slip rings. We provide lots of standard slip rings for customers to choose. And clients can also order a brand new custom design.