JINPAT Hybrid Electric Pneumatic Hydraulic Slip Rings for Ship Podded Propulsion System

March 9, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Hybrid Electric Pneumatic Hydraulic Slip Rings for Ship Podded Propulsion System

In certain type of heavy machines and machine tools, electrical slip ring or simple hybrid slip ring solution is not enough. More sophisticated slip rings are needed to transmit fluid like coolant and lubricant. Similarly, some automated machines need to transmit compressed air to provide the drive needed in the producing station. JINPAT Electronics, as a historical slip ring manufacturer, has provided many complex and practical hybrid slip ring models for automated production industry and heavy machinery. Today, we will be looking into an application field that is more demanding, the ship podded propulsion system.

Mostly speaking, ships that adopt podded propulsion system are of the large scale. Take inland river sightseeing vessel that has a relative small displacement for example, the power capacity of its propulsion system reaches several hundred kilo watt. For special types of vessels that have a tonnage over ten thousand, the propulsion system reaches megawatt level. Xuelong No.2, China’s research ship takes up a podded propeller with a power capacity of 7.5MW. And for some large luxurious cruise that has a tonnage over 100,000, the power capacity of its propulsion system would exceed 20MW. To allow these propulsion systems to realize a full function, a slip ring with suitable capacity is the key. Among the slip rings developed by JINPAT Electronics for ship podded propeller, most are electricity, fluid and gas integrated hybrid slip ring while some are pure electrical slip rings.


LPA000-04100-01PE-0410 JINPAT Slip Ring for Podded Propulsion System

LPA000-06200-0618-44S-01A-05L is a large current slip ring intended for inland river sightseeing vessel with a tonnage of around a hundred. This hybrid slip ring integrates 6 200A high power capacity channels. There are 6 18A channels and 44 signal channels integrated within a through bore. This part is the weak signal part. In terms of the hydraulic pneumatic module, there is 1 gas channel and 5 fluid channels. To cope with different working environment, this slip ring model is optional in IP44 and IP65. In developing this slip ring model, JINPAT Electronics has tackled the technical problem on enabling high power and high protection grading in small slip ring.

Beside, JINPAT Electronics also has high power slip ring models for ship podded propulsion system of 1MW, 3MW and 7.5MW, etc. In most cases, they are highly integrated slip rings that can’t transmit power, signals, fluid and gas. LPA000-034000-01PE-0606-72S-11L-01A and LPA000-062000-0606-01PE-72S-11L-01A are two recommended models. They share similarity in consisting of three major modules: the electric module, signal module and hydraulic pneumatic module.