JINPAT Electronics, Sidekick of the Pandemic Fighter

March 4, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Electronics, Sidekick of the Pandemic Fighter

The spread of COVID-19 at a global scale, related pharmaceutical industry and medical device industry are busy producing medicines and devices to keep the pandemic under control. China as a key role in terms of manufacturing, took the lead in meeting the demands of mask supply as well as devices for Nucleic Acid Test. In such process, JINPAT devotes its effort by providing slip rings and rotary joints for the automated production lines and that medical equipment with rotary transmission demands.

Aside from those installed within the production line, slip rings are also required in certain kind of PCR analyzers. PCR analyzers are widely used to carry on large-scale Nucleic Acid Tests. At the very beginning of the Coronus virus pandemic, JINPAT developed many rotary conductive solutions. As for medical instrument like PCR analyzer, JINPAT also has an exclusive custom solution. One of JINPAT’s model is a capsule slip ring coded LPC-15B. This model is proven practical and endurable in the PRC analyzer.

Talking of LPC-15B capsule slip ring, it is one of standard slip ring model in the capsule slip ring series. There are 15 channels with 2A current capacity in each channel with a maximum working voltage at 240VAC. To integrate both power and signal channels in such a compact space, JINPAT engineer has made great modification on the model to allow a versatile integration.

The upgraded version of LPC-15B, went through a series of technical inspection before delivery. And to better serve high precision equipment like PCR analyzer and other medical instrument.