JINPAT Slip Ring Models for Military Equipment

February 28, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring Models for Military Equipment

Military slip rings stand for the type of slip rings that are developed for military devices and equipment. There are more demanding quality control and conformity requirements on military slip rings. For instance, slip rings for commercial purpose only have to fulfill the general quality management requirements while those for military purpose have to meet a quality control standard in this specific field.

JINPAT Electronics as a pioneer in China’s slip ring industry, is also the qualified to produce slip rings and rotary joints that meet military standards. By far, JINPAT has developed nearly a thousand slip ring models for military equipment and devices that travel underwater, on land and in the air. So what are the most flexible and favored slip ring models among JINPAT’s production line?

From JINPAT’s annual production volume, the quantity of the radar slip ring takes up the largest share. This types of slip rings can be categorized into two branches, one is a general electrical slip ring, the other is a hybrid slip ring with an integrated radio frequency rotary joint. The former type can be made basing on JINPAT’s standard slip ring products. As for the latter, it tends to take up a through bore slip ring as the main framework through which a radio frequency slip ring is assembled within. The integrated RF slip ring supports 1~4 channels. JINPAT offers certain types of radio frequency slip ring connector, or the clients can make their own.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Military Radar meets the EMC and Vibration Endurance standard specified by military standards at home and abroad. These military standard slip rings find wide application in various weapon platforms.