JINPAT Flat Slip Rings for Devices with Limited Space

February 25, 2022
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Flat slip ring, also known as flat slip ring, is a special kind of slip ring. Its friction pair consists of contact tabs and copper rings. The copper rings are laid concentrically instead of being stacked together. The super thinness of the flat slip ring is an outcome of the exquisite structure. Therefore, pancake slip ring is especially fit for electronic devices with limited space in axial direction. The pancake slip ring also plays an important part in military industry. As a professional slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT has developed various kinds of pancake slip rings.

JINPAT flat slip rings are broadly applied in radars and satellite communications on the move for vehicle system and air-borne system. JINPAT flat slip ring is very thin and therefore is very competitive in application with limited axial space. Let look at the following comparison. JINPAT LPT000-0510-E2 is a through hole slip ring designed for a radar system. It has the simplest structure and least channels. It integrates only 5 10A channels but its tall reaches 72.5mm. Compared to such model, JINPAT flat slip ring LPK000-0410-08S-E2 only takes up 36mm at height. The height is reduced by half in the pancake slip ring. And most of JINPAT pancake slip ring models are around 36mm in height.


JINPAT Pancake Slip Ring LPK000-0410-08S-E2

Thanks to its integral structure, JINPAT pancake slip rings are with high protection grading. LPK000-0410-08S-E2 is with IP65 while LPK000-0230-10S-E2 with IP64. Having a relatively high protection grade, JINPAT pancake slip rings can cope with challenging working environments. Such feature also makes it very suitable for military applications.


JINPAT has many off-the-shelf slip ring models for different applications. JINPAT also provides custom rotary solutions upon requests. You can talk to our technology team to work out the best slip ring model for you.