JINPAT Slip Ring for 3D Scanner

February 22, 2022
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3D scanners, the three dimensional scanners are important make-up of the 3D printing technology. These devices with a flexible camera head or with an auxiliary rotary turntable help scan the object and send the data back to the processing center. A slip ring is needed to join the rotary part and the stationary part to further enable power and signals transmission.

JINPAT Electronics is a slip ring manufacturer in the industry. Since establishment, JINPAT has been devoted to developing types of slip rings, rotary joints and rotary unions for different applications and industries.


JINPAT Slip Ring for 3D Scanner

For 3D scanner, JINPAT Electronics recommends one of our miniature slip ring model, the LPM-18C. This miniature slip ring consists of 18 channel and able to transmit Ethernet signals. Another solution is LPC-0201-HD01. This JINPAT slip ring model is a capsule slip ring with high definition signal channel. This compact size slip ring fits rotary scanner. JINPAT slip ring features exquisite structure design and low torque. The slip ring can maintain a smooth rotation in a quiet way. Besides, JINPAT slip rings embrace a long service life.

There are many other custom slip rings produced by JINPAT. You can visit our website page or send us an enquiry directly.