JINPAT Independently Designed Turbine Slip Ring

November 15, 2019
Latest company news about JINPAT Independently Designed Turbine Slip Ring

As an important transmission component in the wind turbine control system, the wind turbine slip ring is mainly used to provide the power supply for the pitch power and the electrical signals required for transmission control. It is a key component of the entire fan system. Its precisio, reliability and working life directly affect the working performance of wind power generation systems and the power generation efficiency of wind turbines.


For a long time, the domestic wind turbine slip ring market has been monopolized by foreign brands. Shenzhen JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd. adheres to the innovation orientation. After the process of imitation, improvement, independent design, and innovation, JINPAT wind turbine slip ring has achieved a leap from catching up to running and then leading. Our wind turbine slip ring.


In addition to the smooth brushing structure of the conductive slip ring, JINPAT still explored in the innovation. The problem of the mechanical attachment of the ring and brush structure of the contact slip ring caused by mechanical friction and wear during long-term operation is also solved by the JINPAT R&D team. This innovation significantly reduces the relative working pressure of the ring and brush during contact rotation, which reduces the wear of the contact of the ring and brush, and improves the ring, brush running quality and working life of the slip ring. JINPAT wind turbine slip ring technology is a major technological breakthrough in domestic slip ring manufacturers.