JINPAT Independently Developed Two-Channel 1-2GHz High-Frequency Slip Rings

July 8, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Independently Developed Two-Channel 1-2GHz High-Frequency Slip Rings

Radio frequency signals are high-frequency electromagnetic waves with long-distance transmission capabilities. Generally, we consider signals with a signal frequency > 300MHz is a high-frequency signal. The high-frequency signal has a small distortion rate, has strong recoverability, and has a strong anti-interference rate. It is widely used in satellite communications.

JINPAT Electronics has independently developed an economical two-channel 1-2GHz high-frequency slip ring for customers’ needs. It is perfect for satellite communications. The highest frequency is 2.2GHz and the operating speed is 60rpm. It supports mixed transmission of broadband signals and current or other signals. With the following technical strength:

1. Path: 2 RF + 1 DC, to meet the fast and lossless transmission of high-frequency signals in satellite communications.
2. The working temperature is -20 ~ + 80, and the environment is extremely adaptable.
3. Frequency: DC-2.2GHz, change value of insertion loss: <2.5dB, can transmit a variety of analog signals and digital signals.
4. Standing wave ratio: <2, integrated coaxial cable and F / SMA connector, small size, light weight, compact design.
5. Compared with other domestic semi-dependent and fully imported foreign high-frequency slip rings, the cost is low, economical and practical, the integration is high, and the installation is convenient.