JINPAT LPHF-01C Applied in OTA Chamber

July 13, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT LPHF-01C Applied in OTA Chamber

JINPAT slip ring, LPHF-01C slip rings are 1 channel high frequency, standard, off-the-shelf, high lifespan.
It could support 1 channel high frequency (up to 18Ghz) transmitting on 360° rotating. The RF rotary joints are needed wherever high-frequency signals have to be transmitted between a fixed platform and second platform in continuous rotation. Such applications includes traditional radar technology for AI traffic control or anti-missile defense, medical engineering, V-sat and Satcom technology as well as TV camera systems or cable drums that allow sensitive cable to be wound. The signal frequency can be DC TO 40GHz.
LPHF-01C slip rings are often used with electrical slip rings, called optical-electrical hybrid slip rings, transmitting power and high speed data.
LPHF-01C slip ring, we use this high frequency one on the turntable of OTA Chamber, perfectly replace of USA slip ring, feedback from Taiwan Client.
Please review the picture shared by JINPAT slip ring client.