JINPAT Integrated Slip Rings for Hydraulic Pneumatic Power Hybrid Transmission

December 31, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Integrated Slip Rings for Hydraulic Pneumatic Power Hybrid Transmission

JINPAT Electronics is a well-established slip ring company. Within the years, JINPAT has provided numerous satisfactory solutions to the clients. With the effort of JINPAT’s R&D departments and professional technicians and engineers, JINPAT has come up with various kinds of slip ring products. They are divided into different series. To name but a few, JINPAT capsule slip rings, JINPAT through hole slip rings, JINPAT separate slip rings, JINPAT pin connection slip rings, JINPAT pancake slip rings, JINPAT miniature slip rings and JINPAT Ethernet slip rings, etc. JINPAT slip rings can also be catalogued into different kinds according to their various purpose and applications. Besides, JINPAT also develops hydraulic/pneumatic rotary unions. Due to advanced technological design and our exquisite processing techniques, JINPAT hydraulic pneumatic rotary unions demonstrates great airtightness and leakage-proof. JINPAT is capable to produce large bulk of slip rings. Customers can simply choose in-stock slip ring models. JINPAT has slip ring model that covers a wide range of parameters so it is very convenient to find the matched slip ring product for the clients.


Aside from the off-the-shelf slip rings, JINPAT is also very experienced in providing custom, personalized slip ring solutions. Many industry elites have established a long term partnership with JINPAT. And our clients are very satisfied with our custom rotary transmission solutions. From previous cases, JINPAT concludes that the hydraulic, pneumatic and power hybrid transmission slip rings are very popular. These kinds of slip rings can answer very complex demands of the specific equipment and devices.

The integrated slip ring series is playing a vital part among all the slip ring products produced by JINPAT Electronics. With wonderful technology capability and innovative capability, JINPAT provides various integrated signal rotary transmission solutions. JINPAT has developed numerous integrated slip rings like multi-signal slip ring, optoelectronic slip ring, high/middle frequency integrated slip ring, hydraulic pneumatic integrated slip ring and hydraulic pneumatic optoelectronic integrated slip ring for high power high voltage. In the following part, we are going to explain more details about JINPAT Hydraulic Pneumatic Power Integrated Slip Rings.

There are basically two major types of hydraulic pneumatic power integrated slip rings among JINPAT slip ring models. The first integrated slip ring is a direct assembly of the electrical slip ring and the pneumatic hydraulic rotary joints. Another one is by installing the hydraulic/pneumatic rotary joint as an independent unit into the inner part of a larger electrical slip rings. The former kind slip ring embraces more flexibilities in terms of combination, and is more suitable for small automation electromechanical equipment. And the latter kind are mostly applied in heavy machineries and other specific devices. Besides, the latter kind can transmit large currents and other signal while transmitting gas and liquid.

To better explained this integrated slip ring, we will call this integrated slip rings consist of conductive module and hydraulic/pneumatic module the slip ring assembly. Through assembling different module, this kind of slip ring assembly is multifunctional. It is capable of providing drive to the components while maintaining signal transmission among various part of the system. What’s more, the slip ring assembly also help to realize transmission for gas-driven component on the application. A very representative product of this hydraulic/pneumatic power slip ring assemblies is JINPAT through hole slip ring LPT000-3205-048S-16A. JINPAT LPT000-3205-048S-16A is consists of three modules, namely the hydraulic/pneumatic rotary union, electrical slip ring and signal slip ring. There are 16 channels for compressed gas, 32 channels for 5A power and 48 channels for signal.

As for the hydraulic, pneumatic and power integrated slip ring with high power capacity, most of them are in the JINPAT LPA large current slip ring series. Generally speaking, this kinds of slip ring consists of 3 modules, the large current module, hydraulic/pneumatic module and the signal module. To enable large current transmission, the volume of the slip ring is relatively large, so as its weight. The other models are designed into similar size and weight to match the large current module. JINPAT large current slip ring LPA000-09800-01PE-3020-04L is a typical model that allow integrated transmission of gas, liquid and power. It is made for 10,000-ton floating crane, taking up 5m³ while the small size hydraulic pneumatic and power integrated slip ring can be grabbed by one hand. LPA000-09800-01PE-3020-04L is one of the largest slip ring models produced by JINPAT.


There are other type of integrated slip ring for hydraulic pneumatic and power transmission, which is a upgraded combination with electro-optical rotary union. A recently developed high-precision electro-optical rotary joint integrates gas and liquid transmission into one unit. During 360° continuous rotation, it supports mixed transmission of current, gas and liquid, and various electro-optical signals including HD-SDI (1080P@30Hz), Gigabit Ethernet, RS422 signal, Rotary Transformer signal, and Excitation signal, etc. Such a slip ring of more than 90 circuits adopts JINPAT technology, featuring many passages, large bandwidth, high velocity, anti-interference, high reliability and maintenance free. Known as an initiative part in the field, it distinguishes itself from others by its stacked structure with compact design. JINPAT solution for 360° rotating transmission of electro-optical signal and gas/liquid could be customized according to specific needs. By expanding and regulating its performance, JINPAT slip ring is capable of being applied to many high-end fields, such as automation equipment, medical equipment, engineering machinery, and robotics.


The integrated liquid, gas and power slip rings can transmit various gas and liquid medium. JINPAT adopts special sealing technique to guarantee the intactness of the hydraulic/pneumatic rotary unions. Therefore, there’s no leakage of the transmitted medium. Meanwhile this also ensure the signal and power transmission are free from disturbance due to liquid and gas leakage. JINPAT slip rings embrace high rotating precision, high protection, low torque. The integrated slip rings are stable in providing reliable liquid, gas, power and signal transmission. They can be applied to rotary platforms, automatic production lines, food processing industry and food processing industry, etc.


JINPAT integrated slip rings for hydraulic pneumatic power transmission is a wise solution for hybrid transmission. JINPAT is an expert in slip ring manufacturing and rotary transmission solution. Contact JINPAT for more solutions for your application.