JINPAT Integrated Through Bore Slip Rings

December 13, 2021
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JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings, also known as hollow shaft slip rings are very hot sale products. The standard models of LPT slip rings only support 2 to 15A power transmission. Generally speaking, to enable integrated transmission of power, signal, liquid and gas, a custom solution is needed. JINPAT LPT Through Bore series has the second most custom slip ring models. Compared with custom JINPAT capsule slip rings, through bore slip rings are more flexible to be revised. To integrate multi-channel optical slip ring or radio frequency rotary joint, a custom slip ring solution tend to be based on the through bore slip ring unit.


Among JINPAT hollow shaft slip rings, some are very compact. With a through bore diameter of only 4mm, the outer diameter through bore slip ring is optional in 45mm, 70mm and 73mm. This kind of custom through bore slip ring can integrate quite a few power channels and a variety of signals. LPT0014-045-0420-0210-7802 is a through bore slip ring with an outer diameter of 45mm. There are 4 20A channels, 2 10A channels, 78 2A channels. Integrating up to 84 channels, its length is only 252.5mm. At large, it is a very compact size multi-channel through bore slip ring.


JINPAT Integrated Through Bore Slip Ring

JINPAT Compact Size Through Bore Slip Ring is very versatile slip ring. It not only transmits power but also signals, fluid and gas. LPT004-073-0416-0610-0405-14302-3E3-3E2 for instance, it integrates up to 163 channel. The power module consists of 4 16A channels, 6 10A channels and 143 2A channels. In terms of the signal module, there are 3 Gigabit Ethernet channels, and 3 100M Ethernet channels. This module has a comparatively longer length than the former model.

This kind of multi-channel and multi-function compact size through bore slip ring is very sophisticated. It demands accurate design and high precision machining. JINPAT Electronics, with an experienced technological team and advanced machining equipment is qualified to produce this kind of high-end through bore slip rings.

If JINPAT standard slip rings are not enough for you, you can always require a custom solution. JINPAT is confident in bringing you the best solution and products.