JINPAT Slip Rings for Medical Equipment and Instruments

December 14, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Rings for Medical Equipment and Instruments

Medical equipment and instruments are high technology electro-mechanic devices. Their related industries haven’t emerged in China until lately. As a professional slip ring manufacture that enjoys good reputation at home and abroad, JINPAT Electronics plays a key role in medical equipment manufacturing industry. JINPAT is capable of providing slip ring with different characteristics for various kinds of medical equipment and instruments.

Recently, JINPAT develops a capsule slip ring with simple structure for cardio monitor. The coding of this compact-size slip ring is LPC-D25-02S. It features single channel for pulse signal. To enable transmission of pulse signals, this capsule slip ring takes up RF0.81 coaxial leads with 50Ω impedance instead of general wire leads or twisted pairs. Aside from cardio monitor, JINPAT also has slip ring solutions for treatment devices and monitor of other purposes. For instance, LPT012B-0302-U2 is a through bore slip ring specially developed for eye treatment equipment. There are 3 2A power channels and 1 USB2.0 channel.


JINPAT Slip Ring for Medical Equipment

Aside from general computer signals like pulse signal, Ethernet signals, there is a great demand in transmitting high definition video signal. Therefore, JINPAT integrated HD signal slip rings also take up a large part in JINPAT slip rings for medical equipment. And to answer the special needs of certain high-end devices, optical integrated slip ring is a favored solution. Compared with other medical equipment slip rings, the optical integrated slip rings enjoy a higher rotating speed. The rotating speed of JINPAT High Speed Optical Integrated Slip Ring reaches up to 10,000rpm.

JINPAT Electronics, with rich experienced in slip ring R&D, also stands out in producing super mini size slip ring for high precision medical equipment. JINPAT is able to integrate 12 channels within the diameter of 6.5mm. Based on this super miniature slip ring, JINPAT developed super miniature multi-functional slip rings that transmit HD video signals and other integrated computer signals. LPMS-12U-0601-U2 and LPMS-12U-0401-04S-HD01 are two representatives of this genre.