JINPAT LPMS Series Customized Products Continue to be Updated

April 10, 2023
Latest company news about JINPAT LPMS Series Customized Products Continue to be Updated

The LPMS series products are the slip rings with the smallest diameter of JINPAT, and the diameter of the whole series of products is less than 10mm at present. LPM miniature full series of slip rings support each 2A current path, and the working voltage has also reached 110VAC, which makes it more adaptable.


JINPAT ultra-miniature slip rings are mostly used in consumer electronics, high-end toys, and small and medium-sized precision instruments and meters. Due to the relatively large market demand for these consumer-grade products, the LPMS series slip rings are the largest total output among all JINPAT slip rings. as of now, its total output has been close to 3 million pieces. Let’s take a look at the latest improved products of this series of standard slip rings, the models of which are LPMS-12-1201, LPMS-12-0801-04S, LPMS-12-0202-E3.


In terms of function, LPMS-12-1201 has not changed in any way, and it still has 12 channels of 1A current paths. The difference from the standard slip ring is that its conductive end has added connection terminals and plastic shells that are commonly used in electronic products. The LPMS-12-0801-04S only retains 8 channels of 1A power ring, and the remaining wires are twisted and used to transmit signals, and terminals and patch cords are also added at both ends of the wires.


The JINGPAT LPMS-12-0202-E3 product is a Gigabit Ethernet signal integrated slip ring improved from a standard slip ring; this product integrates 2 2A current paths and 1 Gigabit network, 2 channels of 2A current are paralleled by 4 channels of 1A in standard products, and the remaining 8 channels are twisted paired to become Gigabit Ethernet channels. This kind of Gigabit Ethernet signal integrated product is a typical example of utilizing the signal transmission potential of the ultra-miniature slip ring to the extreme, and it is also the Gigabit Ethernet signal slip ring with the smallest diameter in the world.