Technical Characteristics of JINPAT Thermocouple Signal Integrated Slip Ring

April 13, 2023
Latest company news about Technical Characteristics of JINPAT Thermocouple Signal Integrated Slip Ring

Thermocouple signal is a commonly used signal type on automatic equipment such as packaging machines and automatic cooking machines. As two types of automatic machinery with completely different characteristics, the demand for thermocouple signal slip rings is also relatively large. As a domestic The old-fashioned slip ring manufacturer has also developed many practical cases of thermocouple slip rings for these two types of equipment, and in these cases, most of the models are improved on the basis of JEPAT LPR series insert slip rings. .


The standard product of JINPAT LPR insert type slip ring is developed to replace the mercury slip ring. Its design working voltage is 380VAC, which can meet the needs of many large-scale power and electrical machinery for high power transmission. This type of slip ring adopts gold-to-gold contacts, and the internal structure is designed with a special structure. With the unique manufacturing process, the maximum service life can reach more than 20 million revolutions. Among them, the typical products are LPR-6H-0312-02S. The output of this product is relatively large among JEPAT thermocouple signal custom slip rings. Its design working voltage is 240VAC, and it integrates 3-way 12A current paths. The signal part is 1 group of K-type thermocouple signal pathways, specially developed for food automatic packaging machinery.


In addition to the thermocouple signal integrated slip ring developed on the basis of the LPR series, JINPAT Electronics also has products developed on the basis of small via hollow shafts and cap slip rings. Based on these two types of slip rings, the customized product models for thermocouple signals are more abundant. Different models are suitable for different installation methods. Then it can be installed and fixed through a transmission shaft or a pipe with a certain aperture.


In short, no matter what kind of slip ring, it can have better electrical performance. Compared with the hollow shaft and insert slip ring, the cap slip ring has the highest cost performance due to the cost reduction brought by mass production. Although the hollow shaft slip ring has a longer service life, because its shell and main shaft are made of metal, it involves machining and shell sandblasting and other processes, which will lead to relatively high prices. Only larger equipment will choose hollow shaft slip rings as carrier of the thermocouple signal.